title iconMarriage Success Likelihood Ranked  for 90 Day Fiance Season 9

All seven of the featured couples tied the knot during 90 Day Fiancé season 9 despite being criticized for being boring. Throughout the season, viewers witnessed the marriages of the featured international couples, but many red flags were raised.

Most 90-Day Fiancé season 9 viewers are skeptical, believing that several of the featured marriages will fail.90 Day Fiancé currently has a higher long-term marriage success rate than its spinoff show, 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.

The past eight years of franchise content have seen many divorces and separations. The majority of 90 Day Fiancé couples are still together today. In 90 Day Fiancé season 1, all four couples were still married; however, in later seasons, many marriages ended. It may be because fans think couples appear on the show more for clout than for genuine international romances.

All seven of the featured couples from 90 Day Fiancé season 9 were still together when the reunion was filmed several weeks back. Many viewers, however, believe that some couples may have trouble in paradise.

However, only six of the seven couples on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? There has been an announcement of season 7. It is therefore expected that one of the most successful couples from season 9 will appear on the spin-off.

Yvette Arellano & Mohamed Abdelhamed

90 Day Fiancé fans were strongly opposed to the marriage of Yvette Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamid. Even though all of Yvette's friends and fans opposed her nuptials, she still tied the knot with the young Egyptian man.

Mohamed wants a traditional and conservative Muslim wife, whereas Yvette is free-spirited. Mohamed assured viewers he would find another visa sponsor if she did not help him get his papers quickly, so many viewers believe he used Yvette to get a Green Card. Rumors have surfaced that Mohamed cheated on Yvette, but leaked messages between Mohamed and his alleged girlfriend remain unconfirmed. According to many viewers, the couple will soon part ways. Kobe Blaise & Emily Bieber 

They may be too different to work out long-term as Kobe Blaise and Emily Bieberly are another married couple. It is Emily's nature to be bossy and selfish and to want to control everyone and everything around her. She was labeled a villain by 90 Day Fiancé fans after this incident.

Their domineering personality of Emily clashes with Kobe's Nigerian culture, where men dominate. Unlike Emily, who lives with her parents in Kansas, Kobe showed a strong desire to live in Columbus, Ohio, with fellow Nigerian ex-pats, including Temperature. When Kobe was caught searching online for one-bedroom Columbus apartments, many viewers believe he was already planning his escape from Emily.

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Shared Sween & Bilal Hazziez 

She is supported by many fans, but her husband Bilal Hazziez, along with Mohamed and Emily, has been branded a season villain. In contrast, Shaeeda's winning personality was liked by viewers as opposed to Bilal's excessive control.

For their relationship to work, Shaeeda decided to submit to Bilal's rigid lifestyle. There is a lot of hope among 90-Day Fiancé viewers that Shaeeda will choose independence and break free of Bilal's control. Their marriage has been dubbed a ticking time bomb when it comes to separation risk. Ariela Weinberg & Biniyam Shibre 

The compatibility between Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre is similar to that of the previous couples. Their view of life is completely different, according to Ariela. They both want different things in life and got married to their son Aviel Shibre, whom they both adore deeply. In 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, viewers have already seen many seasons of content featuring Ariela and Biniyam.

There has been a long history of Ariela and Biniyam's relationship, and they have found a way to make things work. Several franchise fans believe their drama was scripted, and they are not as unhappy as they appear.

Thaís Ramone & Patrick Mendes 

Because of her beloved father's lack of support, Tha*s was hesitant to marry Patrick, and she had a strong desire to return to her native Brazil. Although she chose to marry Patrick, she appears to be loving her new life in the United States.

They seem to have similar goals in life, and they are devoted to each other. Additionally, they both speak Portuguese. According to rumors, Tha*s and Patrick are expecting their first child.

Jibri & Miona Bell 

Jibri and Miona Bell appear to be very compatible, unlike many other 90 Day Fiancé couples. Miona wanted to move to Los Angeles before they had the funds to do so, but Jibri and Miona both want influencer lifestyles.

Both Jibri and Miona are interested in the music niche, Jibri wants to focus on his music, while Miona is interested in the beauty niche. They also wear outlandish, often matching clothing and shamelessly promote their relationship. It appears they are an ideal match, despite neither star being popular with viewers. Kara Bass & Guillermo Rojer

Among the 90 Day Fiancé season 9 couples, Kara Bass and Guillermo Rojer may work out long-term. Viewers were concerned about Kara's alcohol abuse and perceived her as bossy and domineering.

The 90 Day Fiancé season 9 newcomer Guillermo is, however, being hailed as a fan favorite. Kara is clearly in love with Guillermo, and despite his young age, it appears that he is committed to their marriage. Kara is one of the few American cast members who speak her partner's language in the 90-Day Fiancé franchise. Both Kara and Guillermo respect each other's cultures and families, and they enjoy spending time together. The couple's first child is also rumored to be on the way.