title iconMasahiro Sakurai, a creator of Super Smash Bros., has launched a YouTube channel

Long-time video game enthusiasts will no doubt recognize Masahiro Sakurai, the director, and creator of the Kirby series and the mastermind behind the Super Smash Bros. series. 

He has now launched a new YouTube channel for spreading game development strategies to have fun. 

The mastermind’s initial achievement

His initial technical video game goes into the "hit stop," an intentional feature built into many modern games that show impact when a big event happens. 

Examples include landing attacks in Smash Bros. or when the player or boss dies in a Kirby game. The game freezes temporarily to emphasize the attack's impact before continuing.

Masahiro Sakurai stated that while he has approval from Nintendo to use design documents from a few of the games he has developed, including Smash Bros. and Kirby, he will also include footage from various games. As it is his project, Nintendo has no affiliation with the channel.

What does he promise through this channel

Masahiro Sakurai's channel, "Masahiro Sakurai on Creating Games," promises to be an initial point for up-and-coming game developers or expert game developers who need a little change in perspective. 

In the introductory video, he states that he wants to bring short and quick glimpses into various topics that assist during the game development process.

Why does he initiate the channel

As to why he’s creating the channel, Masahiro Sakurai states that he doesn't wish to profit from it and instead wants to invest in future game developers by sharing game theory and knowledge he gained from his previous projects. The channel is a passion project, and he hopes it will be helpful to future developers.

Game development is full of weird quirks and hidden mysteries, some of which require years and years to discover. An admirer found a secret in the 28-year-old game Super Punch-Out!!, uncovering a 2-player mode that allows someone to play as the enemy boxer.

While the creator, Masahiro Sakurai of Smash Bros., may be taking a break from the grueling game development cycle. His little effects in video games can leave a lasting impression on the player, especially in the battle between opponents in Super Smash Bros.

To see that Masahiro Sakurai is throwing his hat into the ring of YouTube video game content creators with first-hand industry experience is a good signal that even veteran video game producers and directors see value in teaching others, no matter their level of experience.