title iconMateo's mother Isabel Roloff posts a heartbreaking post about watching him grow up as a 7-month-old

The former LPBW star shared a black-and-white snapshot of Mateo's wool onesie.  The camera focused on the way the 7-month-old closed his hand instead of capturing his face. The little moments you've enjoyed now will soon be mere memories in a few years. The ex-TLC star said. As time goes on, you will rely less and less on me."

There will come a day when I won't need you as much... Even when I feel overstimulated, exhausted in the morning, worn out, overwhelmed, I know this deep within me...". There's no point in me missing a moment of your development. As I watched you grow, it has been the greatest honor of my life."

As a result of the emotional post, fans flocked to the comment section. A distraught fan expressed his sadness this way: "I'm a puddle." A 25-year-old star and her husband, Jacob Roloff, who also has 25 years on Mateo, gave birth to him in December 2021. Jacob posted the sad post after mocking Jacob's net worth, which measures the total amount of an individual's wealth.

There's a new search for my net worth, according to a father of one who tweeted: "Oh no! People are searching for my net worth again." A total of $700,000 is in my bank account. It's just for vibes." As the conclusion went: "F no-brainer. Plenty of laughter.

Matt Roloff announced to the world that he was selling Roloff Farms in a tweet.  WSJ reports that the original family home and bright red barn are for sale for about $4 million. Meanwhile, his wife has shared pictures of how she is transitioning into motherhood and dealing with some fans.  Her gratitude for her supporters was matched with her acknowledgment of those who had not been supportive.

source: sun