title iconMichael Buble and Kelly Clarkson Sing a Classic Theme Song Spontaneously

Michael Buble appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show along with American Idol and music industry legend Randy Jackson.  It wasn't long before the trio began discussing throwback TV themes." I love TV themes," said Buble. What is your favorite television theme, if you had to choose just one? How does it work? A quick mention of the many catchy jingles out there was made by host Kelly Clarkson. In the '80s...and the 90s, there are so many good ones," she said. Then what's the other one? Bublé confessed that his favorite theme song is from the classic sitcom Cheers.

Jackson, however, preferred the Bossa Nova-inspired intro to I Dream of Jeannie. “My head is spinning with so many possibilities right now...” Clarkson laughed, visibly overwhelmed. Her next move was to sing what she does best: sing! Imagine our delight when Buble jumped in, resulting in a spontaneous duet of the Three's Company theme song. Below is a video you can watch. It's no surprise Buble and Clarkson had such excellent vocal chemistry. Could the two collaborate on music in the future? Hopefully, yes!