title iconNow is the time to vote! A final act will make it to the live shows of 'America's Got Talent

As part of the latest season of America's Got Talent, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandell, and Sofia Vergara said yes to 138 acts, and only 55 will move forward to the Live Shows, including the six Golden Buzzers—Avery Dixon, Madison Taylor Baez, Sara James, Mayyas, Lily Meola, and Chapel Hart—to compete for the $1 million and headline the Luxor Hotel & Casino show in Las Vegas.

This evening, the judges gathered at Simon's Malibu mansion, minus Sofia, who couldn't make it, to decide who will go through and who will leave."Choosing 55 people will be hard because there are so many talented people," Simon said.

The part I hate the most. The 55 I see in my mind is nowhere near what the others will pick. You can trust me. There will be a lot of arguments."Howie continued, "There are many worthy candidates.".

"We have to make a decision, there is too much love in this room." As the judges struggled to make a decision, Howie pointed out, "We need some no's."Simon said, "We don't want to lose people, but we've got to find the right mix."

Source: Parade