title icon On Friday, July 22, 2022, here are the top 3 zodiac signs with the best horoscopes

The Sun enters its ruling sign today, allowing you to feel the radiance of your authenticity within and let it shine brightly into the world. This is a season of strength for you, regardless of your zodiac sign, since Leo rules the Sun.


Stepping into your true self is the beginning of greatness. You can also welcome acceptance when you realize that everything that has happened so far had to happen. The beginning of a great comeback and a chapter full of possibilities begins today. You have matured to a depth that makes it impossible to pretend you haven't. As you grow, however, you must also ensure that your life aligns with it.

A change of action is the clearest way to incorporate growth as a result of lessons learned. Make a decision today about what you want to accomplish in the month ahead and how you want to show up for yourself differently.


The Moon is in your zodiac sign today, bringing you peace. Although Uranus in Taurus currently charges the winds of change, this is an important moment to pause and reflect. The energies will intensify throughout the month, forcing you to confront and integrate many of the changes brewing within and around you. In the meantime, I'll rest. Finding peace within your heart and trusting your intuition is enough.

You can ground yourself for the coming weeks by writing down your ideas, dreams, and visions today. Now that the Sun has slipped into Leo and the Moon has risen in your sign, it's a good time to consider how you harness the energies of fire and earth.


You can blend the energies of Neptune and the Taurus Moon in your life today because Neptune is in your zodiac sign. Pisces Neptune represents ultimate unconditional love and the dreams you can create only for yourself.

Sensual, intuitive, and grounded, the Taurus Moon expresses a sense of sensuality, sensitivity, and intuition. You can keep yourself from losing yourself in a romantic relationship or daydream by combining these two elements, earth, and water.