title iconOprah Winfrey is still alive, so avoid sending messages that say 'RIP Oprah'

Oprah Winfrey has been confirmed alive and well following recent false death rumors involving celebrities. The famous TV star and the host were recently targeted by a texting scam. Rapid-fire rumors of her death have been spreading on social media after a text message was sent with the message "RIP OPRAH," along with a link that has had millions of clicks. I am thankful for the truth quickly disproving the rumor.

A text message with the words "RIP Oprah" appeared on July 21, 2022, causing several people to become concerned. The television show host is alive and well. It's not a reason to panic. There is no end to Oprah Winfrey's career.

They were sent a message saying "RIP Oprah" with a link that asked them to confirm her death by clicking on it. The rumor of Oprah's death started suddenly. Many people were convinced after reading the message that something had happened to the television host. Some people have even taken to social media to discuss the same. It's important to note, however, that Oprah hasn't passed away. If you have received a text message that appears to be a scam, we ask that you do not respond to it.

Oprah Winfrey's official social media accounts are constantly active whenever she posts something. In addition to retweeting a lot, posting Instagram videos regularly, and being active on all her social media accounts, she retweets a lot. Even so, she has been away from social media for quite some time following the death of her father, which was a logical loss for her. Because of his relationship with his daughter, Vernon Winfrey was very close to her.

In addition, Oprah has been very busy with her upcoming biopic about Weird Al Yankovic, titled 'The Weird: Al Yankovic Story', which will tell the story of the musician's incredible life. With actress Quinta Brunson playing the lead role, this is a good movie to see in theaters. I'm looking forward to watching it. It was Quinta who revealed the first look at the Weird Al biopic after sharing a picture with friends and a photo with Daniel Radcliffe, who plays the character.

With social media becoming a primary source of news, death hoaxes have become more common due to the increasing use of social media. People experienced something similar as soon as they began discussing the text they had received.

This is not the first time a celebrity has been violated in this manner. Similar experiences have been reported by many other people in the past, including Tom Holland, Will Smith, and others. The bad news turned out to be false, which is good news for me. It is therefore unnecessary to worry about Oprah. Her projects are going well and she is doing well at the moment.