title iconRHOBH Kathy Hilton explains what led to her spat with Kyle Richards

A number of the cast members have been making allusions to the apparently disastrous Colorado trip, where said she "got into it very heavily" with Garcelle Beauvais, Sutton Stracke, and Crystal Kung Minkoff, as well as where there was allegedly a big fallout between Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton. In the wake of the incident, both sisters have remained cautious about what exactly went down, but Kathy was able to shed some light on the situation during an exclusive interview with E! The Daily Pop followed her at her and MenoLabs' special screening of RHOBH on July 20th as part of NBC News. 

As Kathy explained to me, she had spoken some things that were not appropriate, and she regretted it. There was a feeling inside of me that said it all. Kathy Rinna clarified that she "never referred to Lisa Rinna in any way" in several seasons 12 trailers despite the fact that Lisa Rinna was the one who initially chastised her about her unknown comments."I spoke those words off-camera to Lisa," Kathy told E! News. "I think she was unhappy just because she was upset that I spoke those words. And that's her business."

Despite the difficulties, Kathy continues to be firm with her resolve. She believes she is the one who must take responsibility for what happened: "I had to accept the blame. I was frustrated. I shouldn't have said anything. And I, indeed, apologized." Thank goodness the apology paid off because she is now "in a much better place with Kyle."However, it certainly does not appear that much is clear in the RHOBH midseason trailer, which was released on July 21. The sneak peek at what's going to happen next in the book can be seen here, so you can see just how hostile the environment will be for Kathy.