title iconRHOBH star Sutton Stracke goes on an awkward date with Jeopardy! ’ Candidate

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Sutton Stracke attempting to converse with newcomer Diana Jenkins, or Stracke dating another former Jeopardy! Sanjit Das, a contestant. Although fans were quick to approve her fling since he was on the quiz show, I would have to pick the date from last night's RHOBH episode. The 50-year-old Stracke hasn't been dating since her ex-boyfriend dumped her on Valentine's Day last year, but recently decided she was ready to start dating again.

The young woman said, "I don't know what I'm looking for -- I don't think I'm looking for marriage.". She then added, "Maybe I just want someone to date.". “Maybe I just want someone to put up with me.” She told the cameras that she had "met Sanjit on Bumble" and that they had been on a first date before inviting the cameras a second time.

The guy is from Virginia and studied law in New Orleans. Stracke said before adding that he conducted a background check on anyone he was dating before dating them. As a result of Das' appearance on the game show in 2001, many fans took to Twitter to praise the star. There's a date for Sutton! Another person tweeted, adding a smiley face and adding a joke about him being on Jeopardy.

When Stracke brought up her neuropathy at dinner, the situation became a bit awkward between the pair. There was a moment of cringe and ticing at the dinner table when Stracke brought up her neuropathy. Sutton got a little reaction when she suggested a potential next date to Das.

It is only my opinion of what is going on that I am giving you an insider's point of view to help you decide whether you want to go on a third date or not," she said, as he took a big drink from his cup and began to laugh as he sipped it.

Then, when she did not get one, she said to herself, "You were like, 'no I do not.'" Before she buried her face in her hand, she said to herself. There is a new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills every Wednesday at 8 PM ET on Bravo.

source: decider