title iconSeason 17 AGT Wildcards: Which is most likely to win

America's Got Talent season 17 auditions have concluded after ten episodes, and the judges are now beginning their deliberations. This year, there will be fifty-five acts going through to live shows instead of thirty-six acts in previous years.

In addition to the fifty-five, Golden Buzzer acts Chapel Heart and Golden Buzzer will be part of the six acts. Avery Dixon, Terry Crews' Golden Buzzer saxophonist, Madison Baez, Howie Mandel's Golden Buzzer singer, and Sara James also appeared. 

The Mayya's from Lebanon won Sofia Vergara's Golden Buzzer during the auditions, while Heidi Klum's went to Lily Meola, whose mother died from cancer. They decided to let the public vote on which activities should take the last spot in the live shows after the judges came to a decision on fifty-four acts to be performed.

A special wildcard episode of America's Got Talent aired exclusively on Peacock during season 16, which featured the five wildcard acts performing in an attempt to win America's votes.

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Among the five acts featured were singer and pianist Dylan Zangwill, magician Patrick Kun, comedian Mike Goodwin, and singer Matt Mauser. The season 16 live shows were won by singer Storm Large, who took the last spot due to America's vote.

The choice will remain ultimately up to voters this year, but there will be no extra performances for at-home audiences to assist them in making their decision.

The judges were torn between four different acts, from sword swallower Auzzy Blood, comedian Jordan Conley, and American Idol singers Ben Waites and Debbie Dawson. On Friday morning, voters will have the option of choosing which activities they wish to vote on.

While all four acts gave their all during their auditions, only one will make it through to the "lives." Below are the acts, ranked in order of least to most likely to win the season 17 wildcard vote.

Upon entering the stage, Jordan wore a yellow "minions" hoodie and was instantly fun and likable. During his routine, he joked about his military family, telling how he asked for an older child so that his parents would not ask him to join the military.

In particular, Howie Mandel, who knows comedy inside and out, definitely made a good impression on Jordan. As a result of the judges' selection process, several stand-up comedians, including Aiko Tanaka, Don McMillan, Hayden Kristal, and Lace Larrabee, have already been chosen for the live shows.

There was nothing in particular about Jordan's audition that set him apart from the other comedians, although his act was certainly funny. In addition to his comic act, Don McMillan also presented a PowerPoint presentation to the judges, which they found creative and unique. The sense of originality, however, was lacking in Jordan.

Simon commented on Debbie's apparent confidence, but she responded that she was very nervous. She sang a stunning rendition of Abba's Dancing Queen," which was very much her own.

Despite Debbie's originality, the number of AGT singers who have already advanced to live shows this year is staggering, with four Golden Buzzer acts being singers. Additionally, Amanda Mammana, Aubrey Burchell, Ava Swiss, Kristen Cruz, and Lee Collinson were all sent straight through to the live shows.

Debbie's voice is certainly beautiful, but the singer's lane is already very big and competitive, making Debbie the third most likely wildcard winner. As the second most likely winner of the wildcard vote, Southern gospel singer and vocal coach Ben Waites performed a stunning rendition of Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors", which brought Sofia to tears. According to Ben, the song symbolizes hope, regardless of what someone may be going through, and his choice certainly paid off.

While he is a very talented vocalist, he also falls into the same category as Debbie, as there have already been so many talented singers on the show this year. It is particularly clear to the judges this season that they are looking for acts they have never seen on the show before.

During the auditions, several very talented acts were turned away by the judges, who said they were good but had seen similar acts before. Even though Ben has so much talent, his act didn't necessarily stand out among other vocalists this season.

Fuzzy Blood understood the assignment well, and the judges asked for something different. America's wildcard vote is most likely to go to her. Despite the many sword swallowers on America's Got Talent in the past, he added several new tricks to his routine that surprised the judges. In the audition, Heidi noted that Auzzy swallowed a curved sword, something no other sword swallower had done.

In addition, he was original when he instructed Howie to push a sword down his throat, which he reluctantly agreed to. Fuzzy is the only wildcard act in AGT season 17 who embodied originality during his audition. In the "lives," the lane for danger acts is also wide open, with only Blade 2 Blade being performed so far. The fifty-fifth spot on "lives" will be filled by him.