title iconSheila is raging at Bill after he coaxes a traumatized Li to speak

As Taylor and Ridge discuss Steffy at the cliff house, she breaks down in tears. The loss of Finn will take Ridge a long time to get over. Ridge sighs. His daughter seemed to be doing well. It was all right, Taylor laments. Sheila made Ridge bang his fist on the table! As Taylor investigates the facility where Steffy is staying, he assures Ridge that the girl is in good hands.

Then he decides to just fly over and call her. Taylor reminds him that the doctor did not want to be contacted. As a counter-argument, Ridge argues that she placed herself in that situation. Their daughter must find it comforting to have their kids close by. Taylor notes the kids are there.

He demands to know what Sheila did to his mother in the room. Li's car was sinking in the bay - there was nothing she could do for her! A roar erupts from Finn. Has she died? Is that what she's saying? There was a murder of my mother?!” Sheila complains she should have agreed to let them treat him together instead of Li betraying her.

Sheila is hated by Finn. That's just crazy!” He shouldn't talk like that to his mother, Sheila fumes. Her role is to give birth to Finn, and that's all — Li is his mother! Gigi glares. Bill asks Li if she's alright at the wharf. Seeing her cower like this, he marvels, "Wow!" As he introduces himself, he asks if she's hurt. "You don't need to be scared. Help is needed. Can I help you?” Li looks at him skeptically.

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Bill kneels and tries to find out if Li is hungry or sick... she is clearly in poor health. Let him do something for her. It's a crazy world out there, Bill doesn't blame her. Please help her, Li stammers.She can get everything she needs at Bill's house. He tentatively extends his hand to Li and says, "Don't be afraid to trust me.".

It's okay, he assures. Let me help.”Taylor explains that Finn was the love of her life, and Ridge agonizes over their daughter at Steffy's home. As well as grieving for herself, Steffy is grieving for Kelly and Hayes. Their memories of Steffy's light-ups when she saw Finn are vivid.

It is impossible for Taylor not to imagine what it would be like if Finn were still alive. Steffy's life would once again be illuminated. Sheila insists Li's death was simply an accident. It's like Finn fumed after the shooting. Despite loving Finn and chasing Li, Sheila never wanted to see her die.

You have to believe me." Finn will never again believe anything she says. As long as he stays calm, Sheila will continue to prove herself to him. She doesn't want to have to sedate him again. Where is Steffy? Finn wants to know. He asks if she is lying when she says they are out of town. Was she harmed? I want to know! Is my wife hurt?”

Bill ushers Li into the house, now covered in a blanket, and encourages her to sit down on the couch. She sits down and he is pleased. He perches at the far end and assures her she's safe there - he has security throughout. She won't be harmed by him, certainly not. She needs his help to get better.

She balks at the suggestion of going to the hospital when he says, "You need to see a doctor.".Bill asks, "What is your name?"? Is there anything you can tell me about yourself?” In the hope that she will trust him enough to tell him who she is and what happened to her, he offers food and water.

He demands that Sheila give him a phone so that he can call Steffy. He wonders how long she is planning to keep him there and figures she doesn't want to go back behind bars. Sheila fusses over him and clucks in apology. Finn yells, “You killed my mom!!!”Bill gets Li some water and can tell she's been through a lot.

Trying to reach her, he asks how she ended up in the alley and if anyone knows her family. Are you married?” Li gasps. She has a son, Bill learns. Despite her best efforts, she only manages to say, "I have..."