title iconSun in Leo Starting July 22, 2022: 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Selfish In Love

As we move out of Cancer season on July 22, 2022, we can almost feel the heat of the Sun in Leo calling us forward. There are pros and cons to Leo, and sometimes they meet as one. In other words, during this time, we feel very strongly about whatever it is we're passionate about, and sometimes, we don't know when to quit.


It's no secret that you've always been a possessive person, and that won't change any time soon. If you see your partner flirt with someone else, even if it isn't flirting, you may flare up and start a fight over what you perceive to be indiscretion. Your partner may have a harmless, friendly conversation with someone you think is a threat to the relationship, but you will most likely take the whole thing too far and end up arguing and spitting nasty words.


You never seem to realize that if you put down someone often enough, eventually they will turn on you. Naturally, you put down your romantic partner the most, as you feel this person is yours to mistreat. In your mind, that's what couples do: they verbally attack one another, and you're the main offender. You will catch your partner acting NICEly to someone else today, and you will be so angry that you will come out guns blazing


As long as the Sun is in Leo, it doesn't look like you'll be able to stop being selfish about love anytime soon. In all honesty, this transit will only exacerbate your possessive nature and your partner will suffer from your insecurity. When you project scenario after scenario of them cheating on you, it's as if you punish them for simply being there.

This person berates you for even breathing in the direction of someone other than you because you're so afraid they'll find someone else attractive. Although your façade portrays you as a totally solid person, you are deeply insecure. During this time, you are selfish, demanding, and unreasonable. To avoid your nonstop accusations, your partner may run from you.