title iconThe '1000-lb sisters': Tammy Slaton leaves rehab?

Tammy Slaton's well-being is increasing concern among 1000-Lb Sisters fans. The TLC reality star is rumored to have left rehab again and the circumstances of her alleged departure are alarming. So why is everyone so concerned about the 1000-Lb Sisters star? There have been a few noticeable changes in Tammy Slaton in the past few days.

A new social media post was posted by the reality star. There is no doubt that Tammy's followers noticed that she was happier than she has been in quite some time. Slaton's changes seem to have been motivated by something they have discovered now.

She is alleged to have reconnected with a former flame. The former fiancé of Slaton's, Phillip Redmond, may be remembered by viewers of 1000-LB Sisters.

It caused a great deal of controversy in the family when the two became engaged during Season 3. As Phillip's social media posts indicate, they are rekindling their relationship and are again engaged, and her followers are concerned.

Fans of 1000-Lb Sisters are upset by Phillip Redmond's reappearance just as she is starting to settle into more settled life. There has been a long absence of Redmond from the picture. According to her followers, the fact that he has re-inserted himself into her life at this time is suspect.

Earlier this month, the reality star revealed that she was in love with a new guy named Mikey Mooney. It was a brief relationship, however.

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A picture of Redmond and Tammy holding hands was uploaded to Redmond's social media account on June 26. He has only posted a few times on his page. The followers of Slaton, however, believe something is amiss.

According to Redmond's status, he is engaged to Tammy Slaton from 1000-Lb Sisters. Recent posts are stating the two are together in Kentucky.

In her comments on the posts, Slaton suggests that she is in love with Phillip. It's no secret that she falls hard and fast for the men who come into her life and go away very quickly. She even apologizes to him for "getting him sick."

As a result, they believe she throws caution to the wind in an attempt to find love and companionship. Redmond's motives are also questioned by her followers.

Considering Slaton recently revealed she was filming for TLC's 1000-Lb Sisters, Redmond may have decided now is the right time to return to reality TV.

She has not been officially confirmed to be where she is or to be in a relationship. It is viewed as questionable by many. There has been no confirmation of Season 4 from TLC.

She tells her fans, however, that the filming began in June. The network may be trying to add some extra drama with this, thus many believe it's a ploy.

Nevertheless, if it doesn't happen as scripted, Tammy Slaton's world might get even messier. In addition, Tammy doesn't know whether she will proceed with her upcoming weight loss surgery. The new alleged developments in her life are causing all bets to be off. How do you feel about the reality star's spiral?

The alleged recent developments have not been addressed by Slaton's sister and 1000-Lb Sisters co-star Amy Slaton. Slaton fans, however, reveal they are watching social media closely for any developments in this potential drama.