title iconThe 54 acts competing in the 2022 live shows of 'America's Got Talent' 

"America's Got Talent" has changed up its live shows for the 2022 season, removing the Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals format. Five weeks of qualifying rounds will be held with 11 contestants competing each week during Season 17. A Top 10 will be determined by the two acts that advance from each week's Grand Finale.

A 12th act will make it to the finale thanks to America's Final Wildcard. Following each judge's nomination of a previously eliminated contestant, viewers have the opportunity to pick this finalist via an Instant Save vote on Wednesday, September 7.

There will be a two-night finale on September 13 and 14 on NBC, with the ultimate winner taking home $1 million and earning a performing spot at "America's Got Talent Las Vegas LIVE" at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. It is important to remember that the 55th act will be decided by America before the start of their lives.

In addition to Ben Waites, Debbie Dawson, and Auzzy Blood, comedian Jordan Conley is also an option. Avery Dixon, Madison Taylor Baez, Sara James, Mayyas, Lily Meola, and Chapel Hart are the six acts selected for Season 17. They skipped the truncated Judge Cuts round and went straight into the finals. 

SOURCE: gold derby