title iconThe 90-Day Fiance Diva confirms Miona Bell is one of the best

Miona Bell joined the 90 Day Fiance cast during season 9, and many viewers have claimed she is the show's biggest diva. The character of Miona has caused controversy both on and off screen throughout the season. She inherits the torch from several 90-Day Fiance stars who came before, but fans know she has earned her place at the top.

Originally from Serbia, Miona is a makeup artist and influencer who has been doing makeup for a few years. Her husband Jibri and she met at a concert for his band, Black Serbs, in Serbia. As a result of the show, the couple locked eyes and eventually got engaged, with Miona coming to the U.S. on a K-1 visa. As soon as their 90 days were up, the couple moved to California with Jibri's parents.

A few of the 90-Day Fiance cast members have been labeled as 'divas' for their behavior on the show. The drama queen Miona has been labeled the biggest diva of her season, and fans think she might even win over past season drama queens. She's headed straight to the top based on how she compares to others.

Jibri faced outrageous demands from Miona. Although Jibri told her they needed to save money, Miona was not happy to live in his hometown. Miona even refused to accompany Jibri to Chicago unless he agreed to a beach wedding. Even then, Miona insisted on postponing the ceremony until a wooden arch arrived, so that everything would be picture-perfect for her social media.

There are similarities to Jasmine Pineda in 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days season 5. Fiance Gino Palazzolo demanded a big apartment and an expensive vacation from Jasmine. As Jasmine from 90 Day Fiancé, she'd throw a fit. As a result, fans feel Miona went further than Jasmine in putting her and Jibri's future at risk.

Miona made fans compare her to Larissa Dos Santos Lima, a Brazilian bride who came to the U.S. to marry Colt Johnson. The relationship between Larissa and Colt's mother was tense. To her mother-in-law, Debbie, she famously said, "Whoever is against the queen will die." Since then, Larissa has apologized for what she said. The conflict between Miona and Jibri's close friends and bandmates, Daveed and Jibri, led to a physical altercation. Also, Miona fought with Jibri's parents.

As a result, Jibri and his parents developed a rift over Miona's constant complaints and insistence on a wedding Jibri's parents couldn't attend. There has been no apology from Miona. She's been criticized by fans for her lack of support for Jibri's music career. As a makeup artist and online brand owner, Miona moved to California to pursue her dreams. Despite this, Miona was unsympathetic when Jibri needed time to save money. Jibri doesn't spend as much time with his band as he would like because of Miona's issues with Daveed.

Similarly, 90 Day Fiancé Paola Mayfield chose to leave her husband behind to pursue her modeling career. He had to change careers to follow her. The couple reunited and are still together. If Miona realized her mistakes and supported Jibri more, fans wondered if her diva behavior will destroy her marriage.