title iconThe anniversary message posted by General Hospital's Maurice Benard is sure to warm your heart.

Maurice Benard is known for playing mob boss Sonny Corinthos on the CBS soap opera General Hospital. Benard briefly quit the show after learning he had bipolar disorder in 2000, according to People. The producers of "GH" revealed that Sonny is also bipolar.

He has been supported throughout his marriage by Paula, his wife. A few years ago, she appeared on his YouTube show "State of Mind" to discuss the difficulties the couple have faced. According to Paula, living with a bipolar husband is no different from living with anyone else with any other mental illness...I don't think twice about it at all. Regarding Benard's mental health, she said, "I knew I wouldn't walk away.

Benard has used his platform as a star to promote mental health awareness with the help and support of his wife. Social media is now being used by the soap opera star to express his love for Paula. General Hospital" star Maurice Benard wrote on Instagram, There are no words to describe my relationship with Paula except to say!!! I always say when the day comes I will pass away first because I will not be able to live without her. A fan replied, "You two were meant to be together forever and always.

His words touched many people, including his anniversary congratulations. In a positive response, one said, I say that to my husband all the time! Another replied, "You and she are gorgeous. Stay happy forever. For 53 years, we have been married, and it only gets better.

The hundreds of replies to Benard's post included heart emojis and comments about how beautiful the couple looks as they embrace early in their relationship. "Well said Maurice, you and your gorgeous wife make such a wonderful couple!" A fan wrote, "Beautiful, inspiring, and strong. As Benard sang Minnie Riperton's song "Lovin' You" to his wife in the car on their 35th wedding anniversary in 2020, he posted a hilarious yet heartfelt video to Instagram.