title iconThe best moments of America's Got Talent, including a 9-year-old opera singer

The viewers have seen thousands of auditions and heard the different stories of each contestant. Their performances have often brought laughter and even tears. Both the judges and the audience on stage and watching from home did not see it coming.

As America's Got Talent progresses, Reality Titbit lists some of the most memorable moments so far. American's Got Talent's four judges were impressed by the Russian-Ukrainian duo's magic trick. They weren't the ones who did it. As part of a new kind of audition, Pasha was supposed to perform with his wife Aliona.

On the day of their audition, the Russian dancer was left alone because she missed her flight. Pasha left the stage after explaining his situation to the four judges. "The show must go on" momentum was evident in his performance. It wasn't until robot-like dolls were wheeled out to the stage that a couple of robots joined the stage.

As the audience, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Simon Cowell tried to comprehend the bizarre performance, they were all in shock. Nevertheless, everyone seemed to enjoy it until the big reveal at the end: Pasha was underneath.

As Pasha and Aliona were sent to the deliberations after their performance, it was not their judges who selected them to advance to the quarterfinals, and therefore both of them ended up being eliminated. The Korean Soul came to the United States from South Korea with dreams of becoming a pop star.

Their synchronizing harmony was a pleasant surprise to everyone. There were chills in the air when the quartet Korean gospel choir performed. The track is named Korean Soul after Grammy Award-winning artist Bebe Winans. Four contestants auditioned in front of the judges singing 'All My Love' by K-Ci & JoJo. When it came to their reactions, the judges' faces said it all.

The quartet's undeniable and talented voices took the quartet to the semi-finals after they were approved. They failed to get into the final of season 16 after the votes from America had saved them to advance to the semifinals. After being eliminated, the vocal group received a standing ovation.

Triumph for Victory. With her voice, the little girl won the hearts of the judges and the public. He nailed 'Juliet's Waltz' from Opera Roméo et Juliette. Having seen the Golden Buzzer together, Howie, Heidi, Sofia, and Simon decided to press it.

As a young contestant, Victory's sweet image and amazing voice earned her applause from the judges and the audience throughout the competition. Even though Victory made it to the finals, she did not receive enough votes to enter America's Got Talent's Top 5.

As a result, Victory finished in the bottom 5 of the top 10, becoming the third youngest female opera singer.AGT history also records Victory as the youngest contestant to win a collective Golden Buzzer from the judges and host. Have you ever wondered how many times someone should change clothes? Léa Kyle lost track.

The girlfriend of former season 15 contestant Florian Sainvet, the magician, proved that she also has magic within her. As part of her audition, Léa performed a quick-change magic act while Katy Perry's 'Swish Swish' and 'Part of Me' played. The audience was astonished by how quickly she changed outfits and amazed by her performance.

Heidi Klum gave a Golden Buzzer to a French magician. The four judges couldn't comprehend the magic of her quick moves and dozens of outfit changes, as well as her partnership with Victory Winker.

AGT 15 featured a BONAVEGA audition. This flame eyeshadow look did not impress the judges despite his great audition. He won over Howie, Heidi, Sofia, and Simon by singing and playing electric guitar. Brandon received a standing ovation for his eccentric performance.

The singer sang originals and covers of popular hits during his time on AGT. He was eliminated from the competition in the quarterfinals despite his undeniable talent. Nevertheless, Sofia Vergara's reaction and the performer's uniqueness will remain in fans' hearts forever.