title iconThe construction achievement of Zach Roloff garners praise from his wife Tori

According to his wife Tori Roloff, Zach Roloff is a construction expert. Tori was eager to show off her Oregon property's new features on Instagram, and his wife dubbed him the "project guy," after he completed a great project on their property.

To share her pride in her husband, Tori took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday, sharing a video that featured the wooden walkway he built all by himself. She asked her husband, "built this," and he replied by saying it was one of the "coolest" objects on their property.

In the clip, Roloff was taking a break on their walkway. In response to her husband's question, Tori went on to share some praise of her own by telling him, "I'm proud of you. That's great." she then added, "You're becoming the project guy now."

Later, Tori shared a video of herself walking and lying down on the newly constructed walkway in a separate post. A fan in the comments asked Tori if Roloff built it, and she responded, "yes!!! He has done a wonderful job!!! He deserves a lot of praise!!"

"Project guy" can now be added to Roloff's resume as well. After welcoming their third child, Josiah Luke Roloff, on April 30, the TLC star has added "the dad of three" to that list. Upon arrival at 9:02 a.m., little Josiah joined older siblings Jackson, 4, and Lilah, 2.

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On Instagram, the couple revealed that little Josiah was born two weeks early, but they were ready. He weighed "7lbs, 6oz" and measured 19 1/2 inches long. We are super happy for our family and the kids are adoring him. Tori has done incredible as well!"

The anniversary of Roloff's seventh wedding anniversary was celebrated recently by his wife and himself. "I love you more this year than I did last year," Tori wrote on social media on July 26, "and I fall in love with you more every single day." It is a pleasure to be married to you, and you are the perfect husband and father to our children," she continued, "Here's to many more years together, babe!