title iconThe future of Sisters' Season 4 has been revealed by Chris Combs

A 1000-pound leak may have been made by Chris Combs recently. The future of Sisters and whether Season 4 will take place. News and rumors swirled this week that TLC was canceling 1000-Lb. The show was not renewed for Season 4. Unfortunately, many facts stacked up against the possibility of the show returning. Both sisters who star in the show have teased that the show will return, but the other casts doubt on the idea.

Chris Combs wasn't initially a star on 1000-Lb. His popularity soared after he stepped in to replace Tammy Halterman after she was successful in achieving her surgery and getting pregnant. Following Amy's lead, Chris Combs also underwent weight loss surgery to leave Tammy behind. It joked during Season 3 that the family was never short of overweight members who would step up to the plate.

There's been an update regarding the future of the show, according to chatter on YouTube and Facebook. Chris Combs may have revealed whether TLC was planning to cancel or renew the series for Season 4. Could you tell me what he said? You can find out more by reading on.

In reality, Amy Halterman didn't do much to convince fans that 1000-Lb would continue. They are sisters. As soon as Glenn was born, she shared him with fans. She was very open about her pregnancy with Glenn. TLC and the name of the series were both removed from Amy Halterman's and several of her family members' social media bios. She has also expressed doubt in interviews about returning to the show. However, a shorter filming schedule might persuade her to stay.

On social media, Chris Combs also added to the cancelation speculation by noting they hadn't signed contracts with TLC. A YouTube video uploaded by Backwoods Barbi has cast doubt on Chris Combs' claim that he weighs 1000 pounds. The TLC series Sisters has been canceled. The TLC personality responded to a fan in the comments of one of his Facebook posts by revealing they were currently filming. Chris Combs did not divulge any details about what they were filming or who was filming. The fans, however, can only assume Chris Combs was referring to the filming of 1000-Lb Season 4 on TLC. We are sisters.

The weight has been 1000 lbs up until now. Sisters had a pretty significant difference from the rest of the network's shows. Most reality TV shows are filmed a year to two years behind schedule. Sister Wives, for example, is criticized for being so far behind reality. The third season of 1000-Lb. Sisters, however, didn't lag too far behind reality.

Any renewal of the series will have a bigger gap between reality and television because of the delay in any real information about Season 4. TLC's other shows, however, are right on point when fans examine them. What does Chris Combs' statement mean for Season 4 of the series? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts. Keep checking back for more on 1000-Lb. It's sisters.