title iconThe‘Jeopardy’ contestants are slammed for missing clues about Taylor Swift

The Jeopardy Show! Over the latest controversy, fans slammed the iconic game show. During Wednesday's episode of The Voice, viewers called out the contestants' lack of pop culture knowledge. In the “title that completes the rhyme” category, in which players are quizzed on song knowledge, returning champ Matt Mierswa requested a clue worth $400.

Ken Jennings tried hard not to belt out the famous tune, instead, he wrote, “What are you doing?! Can you just not step on my gown?”Viewers became even more frustrated when the other contestants couldn't answer the question.

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After Jennings said Mierswa's time was up, he told the players, "I wish Johnny Gilbert was reading this.". Taylor Swift's You Need to Calm Down. There was understandable disappointment among fans when no one was able to name the song by the 11-time Grammy Award-winning singer.

The top of the board goes unanswered for Taylor! Another user wrote, "You can use "You Need to Calm Down" in many different ways in regards to Jeopardy. Mierswa ended up winning $26,644 despite the hiccup on Wednesday's show.