title iconThe Kardashians made a racial comment before seeing Pete Davidson after weeks apart

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are still dating, but they don't seem to be spending much time together lately. Former Saturday Night Live comic has started filming Wizards, his new comedy! According to reports, they last met about four weeks ago in Australia. Their girlfriend of Davidson is on her way to Australia on a romantic getaway on her private jet. It's been a while since Kardashian and her staff were together, so she warned them what to expect when they arrived.

There is always a team with Kim Kardashian wherever she goes. However, she won't be needing them much during this trip. Skims founder and Pete Davidson will be enjoying each other's company privately, according to The Sun. Kim will be staying with him for a few days. The plan is to stay with Pete and not do much else during his stay at the resort. Hopefully, she'll be able to speak with the team again soon.

It's best not to come knocking on Pete's door if the room is rocking! However, I digress, since Kim Kardashian is spending some sexy time with her boyfriend, and it begs the question of whether she needs an entourage. Her employees seem to be getting quite the deal if they can enjoy their own Outback holiday. As a result of his resignation from Saturday Night Live after eight seasons, Pete Davidson has several projects in the works.

Kanye West and Davidson have four children together. Their schedules often prevent them from seeing each other, and even when they don't live on another continent, they are on different coasts. However, they believe they can make it work, according to The Sun's source while Pete is shooting in Australia, and Kim and Pete are still going strong despite the distance. Despite their busy schedules, they FaceTime every day.

It's nice to see Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson supporting each other's careers, and they don't seem to be holding one another back either, despite their less frequent contact. Likely,t Davidson and Kardashian aren't ready for children yet because they have been dating for less than a year (Davidson's mother seems to be excited about the prospect of children). The Kardashians Season 2 previews indicate that Pete Davidson will appear at least once, which is a guarantee that fans will keep an eye on their relationship. The first season is now available on Hulu if you have a subscription. There will be a return of the series on September 22. Check out Hulu's other great shows while you wait.