title iconThe New Home of Danielle & Garrick: More Details

The Seeking Sister Wives' Danielle Merrifield and Garrick Merrifield have built a custom home that is perfect for a big plural family. Find out about the new place they live. As mainstays of the TLC show since season 1, Garrick and Danielle Merrifield have some updates to share about their new home.

Following the approval of Roberta "Bert" Merrifield's K-1 fiance visa, the Merrifield family has been building a polygamist's dream home. There have been many sacrifices made by the couple to live a plural lifestyle, and it seems that those sacrifices are about to pay off.

Their marriage has lasted fifteen years, of which the first eleven have been monogamous. Almost four years ago, the stars decided to become polygamists and begin courting a new wife. Roberta from Brazil was met through a polygamist dating website before they traveled to meet her face-to-face.

As a result of spending time with Roberta, Garrick decided to propose to her. Due to her home country's immigration laws, she can only come to the US and join Garrick's family by being granted a K-1 visa and legally marrying him within 90 days of arriving.

What Seeking Sister Wife fans want Dannielle to leave Garrick forever this season of Seeking Sister Wife follows the Merrifield family as they pursue several new life changes. Since the construction of their new home has been delayed, the family has lived in a five-wheel trailer with their two teenage sons, Jeremiah and Solomon.

As the owner of a custom home building company, Garrick has been able to lend his expertise and resources to the project. Their house will be built on a two-acre lot they purchased for $57,500 on April 27, 2020, according to InTouch Weekly. We plan to build a two-story house with 3,900 square feet and a 1,020 square feet detached garage.