title iconThe new king of kings is Katy Perry throwing pizza slices at crowds at club

Among her many accomplishments, Katy Perry is a pop superstar, a Las Vegas headliner, a mom, a shoe designer, and now she's a professional pizza pitcher. A week ago, Katy Club Kats fans witnessed the singer hurling individual slices of pizza at the DJ booth in a Las Vegas club on Saturday night (July 31).

She captioned the bizarre clip with, "A mother feeding her children," showing her plate up a huge slice and flipping it to an eager fan, before picking up cheesy triangles and throwing them into the air. A pizza box slides into the booth at the end of the video, as Perry dances to J Balvin and Skrillex's "In da Getto" in a Vegas club.

The crowd's responses were, as always, super on-point, even though some of the pie fell to the floor."Do you ever feel like a pizza dish at the end of the day, blown away by the wind, wanting to start again," wrote one fan, while a second report read: "Katy Perry slicing pizza and throwing it at gay people in the club like a mother feeding her baby."

That's biology.” There was even a Kat who announced they would be going as Katy Perry's thrown pizza for Halloween." It has been announced that Perry's "Play" residency will run through Oct. 2, and her next show will take place on Wednesday night (Aug. 3).