title iconThe next moves Young & Restless Jack and Bold & Beautiful's Taylor make will determine not only their future but how we feel about them as well

Jack has always been one of our favorites since he grew out of his philandering rat bastard phase on The Young and the Restless.

Taylor Hayes has been one of our favorite characters on The Bold and the Beautiful since she first appeared. However, both characters are at a crucial turning point, which could turn viewers against them. It's no secret who Jack's old flame is and Taylor's too. The number of times he has dated Diane is unknown.

No matter how she handles it, he ends up with third-degree burns, regardless of whether she dumps him for Victor or plays dead. Let's be real, Taylor. Compared to Ridge, it's not much better. The truth is, he has never abandoned his children by pretending to have been murdered. His Doc has been traded in so often that they're usually divorced before the new set of monogrammed towels arrives. 

When Jack softens to the point of contemplating a romantic reunion... when Taylor invites Ridge to treat Diane as an afterthought... what conclusion can we draw? How should we conclude? Only two options are available. The first. Maybe Jack and Taylor aren't as smart as we think they are. Then/or 2. All but demanding a lifetime of unhappiness and upset, Jack and Taylor are masochists.

What should we do if either of those is true? Essentially, we'd be fighting vicariously in battles that are obviously losing. In essence, we'd be asking for heartbreak just like Jack and Taylor. It would be hard for us to pass on that.