title iconThe reaction of RHOBH fans to Erika Jayne joining Scriber

Fans have expressed their reactions to the news that Erika Jayne has joined Scriber since being announced on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Since joining RHOBH in season 6, Erika has been one of the show's most intriguing cast members. 
Even though she had a budding music career, she was relatively unknown at the time. Erika made headlines when it was revealed that her husband, Tom Girardi, was 33 years older and a wealthy attorney. Nevertheless, she maintained that she and her husband shared a mutual love for each other that allowed their 20-year marriage to last.

A lawsuit was filed against Tom in 2020 alleging that he withheld money from his client's settlement funds and used the money to support his and Erika's lavish lifestyles. Erika was confused when she declared that she and Tom were in a good place during the eleventh season of RHOBH.

However, Erika informed them a few days later that she had filed for divorce. Soon thereafter, news broke of Tom's illegal activities. Erika had to downsize her life and move out of her multi-million dollar home in front of viewers. Since Erika received numerous lawsuits from Tom's victims, she has had to find creative ways to earn a living. 

Recently, Erika tweeted, "Hey guys, I recently joined Scriber. Check it out." In the clip, she explained that she plans to text her fans' videos about music, beauty, fitness, and behind-the-scenes videos. Many RHOBH fans expressed disapproval, with one writing, “No thanks...you should return all the money you and her husband had taken from people.” Another wrote, “Will you return the orphans and widows with the proceeds?” ”

Erika's invitation to Scriber was hard passed by many RHOBH fans. A Twitter user replied, “I won't help you earn ANY money.” One fan responded, "No thanks, dear, no need, you showed us exactly who you are and no one bought it." Erika was defended by some fans and applauded for her hustle.

The plaintiff's new $50 million lawsuit is in addition to another $25 million lawsuit, and many acknowledged that she still had to make ends meet. Erika's Scriber has actually acquired a few subscribers, who have encouraged her in her new endeavor. However, the majority of RHOBH fans disapproved of Erika as a "scammer" and refused to back her.

Since the investigation into Erika's life began, she has lost a lot of fans. Many people have accused her of being cold and heartless toward Tom's victims. A recent RHOBH episode featured her comparing herself to the wife of a doctor, and she wondered whether she should be responsible for her husband's malpractice.

In addition to expressing her concern about herself numerous times, the Pretty Mess star has shown little empathy for the victims, who include orphans and widows. The lack of sympathy Erika has shown her fans have led them to turn against her, and this may result in her departure from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.