title iconThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Asher Monroe's career before the show

A recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills showcased Asher Monroe's musical talents, and fans are now interested in learning more about him. Viewers were able to watch him sing for all the women at Diana Jenkins' holiday party. There is now a growing interest on the part of fans in learning more about his career and background.

The previous marriage of Diana to Rodger Jenkins ended in divorce. Diana was helped by him to become the philanthropist she is today due to his work as a British financier. Sadly, the couple separated in 2009 after having two children, but Diana continued to live a luxurious lifestyle.

Rodger worked for Barclays and is estimated to be worth $80 million. They remain cordial and are able to co-parent very effectively. Nevertheless, Diana has moved on and found a new man whom Bravo viewers are now getting to know.

The first time RHOBH fans met Diana, she revealed there is a 16-year age difference between her and her fiancé Asher. In spite of the fact that Diana is 49 years old and Asher is 33 years old, the couple has a strong relationship. Erika Jayne can interrupt Asher's Christmas carol despite Asher being a singer and songwriter.

The IMDB page of Asher indicates he has dabbled in acting, singing, and writing. Considering Asher lives in Los Angeles, it's no surprise that he's a triple threat. Asher has appeared in a number of television shows, including Parenthood, The Mentalist, and Zoey 101.

When he played Marco in the 2009 reboot of Fame, Asher played a well-known role. It appears that Asher has stepped back from acting in recent years and is focusing his attention on music.

Diana founded D Empire Entertainment in 2012, where Asher is an artist signed to the label. After the new RHOBH episode this week, he released his new album Windows of Time, a follow-up to his previous album Talk with God, which was released in 2021. Asher has also recorded a number of EPs between 2013 and 2015 as well as an album, Inner Warrior, from 2017.

Although Asher has only appeared on RHOBH a few times, his soon-to-be wife, Diana, has been making headlines. It has been a challenging battle between her and Sutton Stracke, and she has even upset Garcelle Beauvais in the process. There can be no doubt that the wealthy mother of three will assist Asher in making the most of his career, as she is extremely proud of their relationship.