title iconThe Real Housewives of Orange County: Kenya shades Marlo for keeping cast from invading her home

Kenya Moore criticized Marlo Hampton for not warning or informing her co-stars from The Real Housewives of Atlanta after news of her recent home invasion broke. Recently, Marlo shared shocking details about her experience with house burglars with a local Atlanta news station. When she was interviewed, Marlo warned women against posting on social media. According to her, the remark was intended as a warning to her co-stars.

The robbers kicked down Marlo's door as she was at home with her nephews, she said. Le'Archive owner recalled hearing her nephew scream and rushing to help him. Marlo took her family to a panic room and believed that her scream scared the robbers away. The Sandy Springs police responded immediately after Marlo called 911. Having her family safe and unharmed is very important to Marlo. Women were warned of what might happen if they posted about luxury items online, which was one of her concerns.

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Kenya criticized her co-star after watching Marlo divulge so much to the local news. Kenya responded to The Peach Report's post of Marlo's interview with a tweet that has since been deleted. Kenya claimed Marlo was "happy" to release details in interviews, but did not share the crucial information with her co-stars who live nearby. Kenya claimed Marlo was "happy to release details in interviews," but did not share the crucial information with the cast. There have been several home invasions targeting celebrities in the Metro Atlanta area, police warned Marlo. In Kenya's opinion, Marlo should have warned her neighbors and friends before appearing on the local news. Marlo and Kenya have been fighting in RHOA season 14 after enjoying a short truce last season.

Kenya and Marlo found comradery in season 13 by shading Porsha Williams together, but with Porsha gone, they are feuding again. Marlo throws out low blows that Kenya rolls with, but fans cheer her on for not taking them. Flashbacks show Marlo making digs at Kenya's scarred relationship with her mother and her pregnancy with her daughter before her divorce.

There is a preference among viewers for the fun and light shade provided by the show's stars. Disses that get too dark turn off viewers. Marlo's interview being shaded by Kenya only fuels the fire between the two enemies. The first season of Marlo's full-time housewife role has reignited her quarrels with her cast. There looks to be a showdown between Marlo and everyone else at the Real Housewives of Atlanta season 14 reunion.