title iconThe reasons Sony is worried about players switching to Xbox

The proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft is currently under scrutiny from regulatory bodies across the globe. Sony has released its official response to Brazil's questions. As part of the acquisition, Sony believes Microsoft will have the power to influence users' console choices once it owns the Call of Duty franchise.

The funny thing about all of this is that PlayStation has been using Call of Duty for years now as a way to influence console choices of players by granting exclusive access to content and/or giving players early access to new content.

The PS4 version of Modern Warfare, like the Xbox One version, launched with the co-op spec ops survival mode as an exclusive feature for it. As part of Sony's plans to end the PS5's accolades by the end of the year, it is announcing that it will officially retire the PlayStation brand as of November 1. The PS5 was launched with a feature called Accolades.

which allowed players to reward each other with medals like helpful, welcoming, and good sportsmanship whenever they joined a multiplayer game. The accolades system was implemented by Sony to reduce toxicity. Nevertheless, nobody knew this system existed, let alone used it--a fact Sony acknowledged when it announced its discontinuation.

There has been an announcement that another Pokémon Presents will be streamed on the Pokémon Company's YouTube channel on August 3 at 6:01 am Pacific Time / 9:01 am Eastern Time. The series' next games, Scarlet & Violet, will be the main event for this week's presentation, and, likely, the video will also reveal a few more pocket monsters besides those that we already know about.

The other games that will be shown at Wednesday's stream include a whole bunch of Pokémon games, including Pokémon Unite and Pokémon Masters, as well as apps related to the franchise like Pokémon Home.