title iconThe star of 'Wonder Years' explains why she became a mathematician instead of an actress

Danica McKellar, who starred in "The Wonder Years", recently revealed on Facebook that she left acting to pursue a career in mathematics. Draco McKellar, McKellar's son, recently spoke to ET about his mother's role in 'The Wonder Years' when he was about my age.

He asked her, "When you looked like you were my age when you starred in 'The Wonder Years,' what remembered most about those years for you?"There is a lot of difficulty in balancing work and school for McKellar.

As she recalls, her most memorable experience was juggling being an actress with attending school at the same time. She was often returning and forth from the school trailer as she worked on her schoolwork.

A few years after taking a break from acting, McKellar became a renowned mathematician. She has also written 11 books for children focusing on mathematics.

As Draco asked, "When and why did you decide you were going to take a break from acting and become a mathematician instead?" As McKellar said about her character, Winnie Cooper on the show, "I went to UCLA, but every time I went on campus, people shouted across campus, you know, "Hey Winnie! I loved you on "The Wonder Years!" McKellar said. I couldn't get away from it. I had to discover who I was outside of Winnie Cooper, which was hard, and I was able to succeed at it.

In addition to the fact that I love this feeling that my worth is not based solely on my appearance and the fact that I have no control over my appearance, it is the important stuff that counts.

" Also, she made it clear to her son that even though the acting life is hard, she would support him in his decision if he decided to take that path. There was nothing she wouldn't do for you, Draco, I would put you in acting classes and I would help guide you through the process," she replied.