title iconThe verdict on GENERAL HOSPITAL has been reported by Trina

Jordan has a lot on her plate as police commissioner in Port Charles, with all the crime that takes place. As she investigates Trina's case, she finds herself tracing the trail straight to Spoon Island and the Cassadines. Nikolas opens the door to see Jordan flanked by two of the PCPD's finest as Victor stands behind him. In your opinion, what is the best way to proceed?”

As she waves her warrant, she asks, “The easy way or the hard way?” Does Nikolas think she can keep her from finding out what happened to Esme? There's an intense face-off between Dex and Sonny where they seem both to be highly emotional about something. But is it something the two can bond over?  The only way Portia can get Oz to reveal what he knows about selling Esme the burner phone she used to record Josslyn and Cam having sex and planted on Trina is for him to wake up.

Although it is very dangerous to bring him out of his coma, will she get what she needs before something terrible happens? As she faces every new obstacle that comes her way following the loss of her husband and her business to Nina, Carly has stood tall. Carly can't help but smile in pleasure at the sight of Nina squirming now that it appears she is having some problems of her own. Carly declares, "Everything you're getting is deserved."

When the jury returns, the judge calls everyone back to the courtroom to reveal the verdict. As the jury foreman announces, "Trina Robinson has reached a verdict." Everyone looks tense and on edge, including Trina. Will Trina be sent to prison until enough evidence is collected to prove her innocence or has Diane managed to establish a reasonable doubt?