title iconThere are 8 celebrities who only drink alkaline water

Following a celebrity's life is always fascinating since we often get to see their glamorous routines. Nobody wants to miss out on the latest Hollywood trend, right? These celebrities have also introduced us to many crazy fads over the years so that we can feel a bit closer to our idols in some way. From raw liver to the infamous Master Cleanse, it seems they've tried it all. However, this time they're recommending something mellower: alkaline water.

There are two main types of alkaline water: soft water and hard water. Alkaline water has a higher PH than normal water. The pH balance of alkaline water is over 7, meaning it enhances hydration, boosts weight loss, improves your skin, nails, and hair, as well as reduces inflammation. Would you like to know who these celebrities are? You'll find out when you keep reading!


It's no secret that Beyoncé swears by alkaline water. Back in 2013, leaked reports claimed she only drank alkaline water on her Mrs. Carter World tour. A two-hour marathon of singing and dancing is a real challenge.

It's good to know that drinking alkaline water has hydrating properties, which means your body produces more hydrogen as a result. In this way, someone like Beyonce can perform rigorous dance routines while singing live with the necessary amount of energy.

Miranda Kerr

Besides Miranda Kerr, former Victoria's Secret Angel and world-class supermodel, alkaline water is also a part of her diet. To ensure everything is purified inside her home, she placed alkaline water filters, including shower heads, in a previous interview.

Maintaining a strict diet regimen is essential to her, and keeping fit is also very important to her. To keep her body healthy, she drinks two to three liters of alkaline water each day in addition to fruits and healthy snacks.

Tom House

Alkaline water is also highly recommended by former major league pitcher, coach, and Quarterback Whisperer Tom House. As a well-known trainer, Tom advises his superstar athletes to drink water fresh from ionizers as well.

Additionally, alkaline water increases their natural energy levels and hydration, stabilizes their metabolism, and reduces inflammation in their joints. Alkaline water can also help reduce his clients' recovery time and help their bodies heal faster, according to Tom House.

Tom Brady

Alkaline water is also highly recommended by celebrity quarterback Tom Brady, who believes it is one of the reasons why he is still playing football at the age of 40. A healthy lifestyle, which includes being careful with what he eats and drinks, is the reason Jack Edward's father is in tip-top shape.

His anti-inflammatory qualities and the low acidity of alkaline water make him regularly drink it. Sports stars like Brady benefit from this because it reduces their joint pain and enhances their athletic performance.

Roger Daltrey

As the lead singer of the band The Who, Roger Daltrey encourages people to stay hydrated with alkaline water. Roger Daltrey says he keeps healthy by drinking alkaline water throughout his career spanning over five decades.

Since discovering alkaline water during his 2009 tour, he has become increasingly aware of its benefits. In an interview, he explains that he has noticed a general improvement in his well-being since incorporating alkaline water into his lifestyle.

Rick Springfield

A Grammy-winning musician stands by his belief in the importance of alkaline water. It is vital to take care of his famous voice with pH-balanced water, he maintains. Despite being 72 years old, Rick says he still looks young because he drinks thermonuclear hydrogen-rich water regularly.

Rick also takes alkaline water on tour with him to maximize its benefits. As a rock star today, Rick is still able to maintain his anti-aging properties thanks to this product.