title iconThere was no discussion between Sheree Zampino and her son about Will Smith's slap at the Oscars

Despite her son Trey's memory of the infamous Oscars slap from Will Smith, Sheree Zampino never spoke about it with him. Trey Smith, Sheree Zampino's son from her ex-husband Will Smith, has never talked about the infamous Oscars slap between his father and his ex-wife. Her friend and fellow cast member Garcelle Beauvais introduced her to the RHOBH franchise in season 12. It is expected that she will be promoted to a full-time housewife in the following seasons, even though she isn't yet a full-time housewife. Her ex-husband Will is one of many Hollywood stars she is well connected to, as an entrepreneur and artist. In spite of their divorce, Sheree and Will continue to co-parent their son Trey. The co-parenting style Garcelle modeled is actually based on Sheree's post-divorce relationship with Will.

When Sheree appeared on RHOBH, fans immediately responded positively. She is genuine and doesn't shy away from speaking her mind and setting her castmates straight. Especially this season, Lisa Rinna and Sutton Stracke have been causing a lot of petty drama, which she has a deft way of avoiding. After a misunderstanding about the Elton John charity gala, Lisa and Sutton found themselves at odds. Lisa Hamlin and her husband, Harry Hamlin, were provided a table by Sutton, but she never received a thank-you note. According to Lisa, her place was paid for. Sheree stayed out of the middle of the verbal battle between the two women. The drama in Sheree's friendship group has been avoided, but her personal life has not been as fortunate. A slap from Sheree Smith's ex-husband, Will Smith, at the 2022 Academy Awards infamously left a lasting impression on presenter Chris Rock. According to Sheree, she talked with her son after the viral moment. Her son responded, "Dad is great, Mom," to her question following Oscar night, "Are you OK? Dad...How is Dad?" Sheree was satisfied with that reply. Her son never discussed his father with her.

Further, Sheree explained that she is a firm believer in providing space for her son and not interrogating him in any way. My relationship with him has always been to ask him, 'Are you good?' He doesn't ask me a lot of questions. For the sake of their shared son, Sheree is friendly and supportive of her current relationship with Will. Despite meeting and clicking immediately, Sheree and Will's marriage was short-lived. As a result of Will's Hollywood fame and their divergent paths, Sheree attributes the divorce to Will's Hollywood success.

Sheree is a successful addition to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills due to her warmth and willingness to tell it like it is. Garcelle also has Sutton, who she is very close with, by her side, who is also a friend. It will only take time for fans to see more of Sheree on the show.