title iconThere will be more Captain America references in She-Hulk's film, confirms director

As directed by Kat Coiro, Attorney at Law will have more Captain America references shortly. Tatiana Maslany stars in the latest MCU series to hit Disney+ as Jennifer Walters, an attorney hired to defend superhumans in court. The film also stars Mark Ruffalo as Walters' cousin Bruce Banner, Hulk's cousin, who guides her as she deals with her newfound powers and inevitable fame.

A flashback sequence in She-Hulk episode 1 depicts Walters's development into a Hulk, during which she investigates Captain America's virginity.

Despite being involved in multiple near-world-ending conflicts and never engaging in public relationships, Walters wondered if Steve Rogers ever had sex before his "death." As Banner reveals during the episode's mid-credits, Rogers did lose his virginity at the USO before joining the Army. He exclaims, "Captain America fun -!" This won't be Rogers' last appearance in She-Hulk.

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He also confirmed that Captain America and his assumed virginity will be referenced again later on in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. As a result, the show's writers chose to address one MCU fan gossip regarding Rogers' sex life in the series, based on what they saw on social media.

Below you will find Coiro's response. Even though Walters received a definite answer about Rogers' virginity, the new information may have just led to more questions regarding Rogers' past relationships. Besides Walters, other characters may also mention the topic if it crossed their minds.

The series' remaining episodes are likely to address the topic in some way but based on audience reactions to She-Hulk episode 1, it's likely to be humorous. As a meta-series, it is understandable that She-Hulk: Attorney at Law would address various topics of discussion among the fandom.

As well as Rogers' sexual history, the show also addressed a common question concerning Banner's shorts, which never tear completely until he Hulks out. As he reveals, Spandex is the Hulk's best friend. As to whether she-Hulk: Attorney At Law will address other unique topics as well as Captain America's virginity, it remains to be seen.