title iconThere's a message from Katy Perry to Kim Kardashian and Orlando Bloom about Pete Davidson's new 'lover'

The American Idol judge played an innocent game of MASH on Aug. 4, which predicts your future. The game tells users how many kids, a house, a car, and a lover they could have sooner rather than later. No problem, right? Katy found out that she would have a castle, a Tesla, and six kids in her future, as well as Pete Davidson as her lover.

"House With a View" by Cyn blared in the background as she wrote this on TikTok.Katy and Orlando appear as strong as ever as they raise 23-month-old Daisy Dove. The singer even reacted playfully to her fiancé's series of shirtless workout videos.

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My heat rash is bothering me, Babe. Where is that cortisone cream?" she asked. The couple is making long-distance work as Pete films a movie in Australia while Kim Kardashian continues to grow their relationship.

They facetime consistently when apart and are "always getting quick phone calls in when they can," the source told E! News. The same insider added that Peter makes Kim laugh with his sense of humor. "He truly makes her day when they talk," the same source said. "She still loves him."These California Gurls don't need MASH to tell them the future looks bright when they have this kind of love.