title iconThere's Strong Support for Alyssa & Kyle's Big Brother 24 Showmance from Julie Chen

Alyssa Snider, 24, a customer service rep from Siesta Key, FL, and Kyle Capener, 29, a tech salesman from Bountiful, Utah, are a budding couple, and Julie Chen Moonves is rooting for them to succeed. The Big Brother showmances are fun to watch, and a few have even led to marriages and children.

In Big Brother 19, Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson married, Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder partnered with Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas, Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones married, Nicole Franzel married Victor Arroyo, and Bayleigh Dayton married Chris "Swaggy C" Williams in season 20.

They all have children, and Bayleigh and Swaggy C are expecting. Also married are Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett. They both set out not to get involved in a showmance on Big Brother. Couples can be very distracting, and the other housemates usually want to split them up because they are a target. As opposed to most showmances, Alyssa and Kyle are not allied.

As part of Girls' Girls relics, Alyssa is with The Leftovers. When Kyle and Alyssa confessed their love and kissed, he had to decide whether to use the Power of Veto or not to save Alyssa. Alyssa's Leftovers alliance made a last-minute decision to evict her, despite already promising her that he would. Due to Daniel Durston's veto, Kyle did not have to make the decision, leaving viewers wondering if he would have chosen Alyssa over The Leftovers.

Alyssa and Kyle's showmance isn't going to sabotage their games, according to EW's Julie Chen in an interview. Alyssa and Kyle have both been more mild-mannered and even-tempered than Daniel, who has been involved in heated public arguments. Julie says their romance won't hurt their games because they are both "very unassuming and well-liked in their alliances

As Julie said, Alyssa and Kyle are like a hot comp beast physical threat couple. Though Alyssa and Kyle might do well in competitions, the fact that they are in opposing alliances will make it harder for them. The house guest usually wants to split up showmance couples. Kyle and Alyssa may have to target each other, however.

Alyssa and Kyle's showmance could survive outside the house if they can handle the pressures of the Big Brother house. Although Alyssa had already been hurt when Kyle failed to inform her of Ameerah Jones' blindside, she continued to be hurt when Kyle failed to inform her. The star-crossed love story of Alyssa and Kyle will put their showmance to the test, but perhaps they can overcome it and continue to be together in real life.