title iconThis green bikini picture of Kourtney Kardashian makes me think of Thelma & Louise

This summer, the Kardashian sisters are out in force in fierce bikinis on Instagram. Kim Kardashian's super futuristic swimwear and Khloé's upside-down bikinis are just two examples of the high-profile family's swimwear. Now that Kourtney has shared her latest look, it's an even better one. Overnight, Kim Kardashian shared snaps of Travis Barker and herself enjoying married life with their children on Instagram. During their time at the pool, the couple soaked up some quality time riding bikes. For this special occasion, Kourt has a few new swim pieces, one of which catches our attention.

Kourtney appeared in a string bikini set by Good American in the first photo of her Instagram post, resting against a pool inflatable (apparently the one that she and Travis jumped over earlier this week). '90s-inspired curved sunglasses and a scarf tied over her head Thelma & Louise-style complete the look. There's more to Instagram than chic food photos. The newlywed couple also got in on the pool fun by doing a synchronized dive over the same inflatable as Travis shared a few days ago: My heart is really in this place right now, dammit.