title iconThis interaction between Erika Jayne and Asher Monroe is completely cringeworthy, according to an RHOBH alum

Erika Jayne got intoxicated at Diana Jenkins' holiday party in episode 12 of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Jayne joined in with Asher Monroe's rendition of "O Holy Night," which annoyed some of her co-stars.

It was during the recording of the July 2022 episode of her podcast, "Two Ts In A Pod," that former "RHOBH" star Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave and her guest host "Real Housewives of Orange County" star Meghan King discussed the happenings in the scene. Arroyave suggested during the "Two Ts In A Pod" episode that she didn't approve of Jayne's behavior at Jenkins' party.“To me, the entire Asher singing situation was completely, completely cringe-worthy,” she said. 

It reminded her of Yolanda Hadid's ex-husband, musician David Foster, instructing his dinner party guests not to sing at her dinner party during "RHOBH" season 3, episode 3.“It was like David Foster telling everyone that they couldn't sing or talk,” Arroyave explained. In response, All In founder asked why Jayne's co-stars did not attempt to stop her from singing. “Asher's not going to ask Erika to do a duet any time soon, but why didn't any of the ladies pull her aside, take her away?” asked Arroyave. 

The former "RHOBH" star agreed with King. "Yes, that's what I was wondering. Make it less cringe-worthy for your friend. 'Shhh,' just whisper that to her real sweetly. That's it, just 'shhh,' or 'shut the f*** up,'" the "RHOC" star advised. In season 12, King described Jayne's inebriated antics as entertaining.

Kyle Richards also shared that she does not believe the singer has a substance abuse problem. “Kyle is applauding Erika too, saying that she has been buttoned up for seven years, so if she wants to let her hair down, I am here for it,” said King. The whole season is about Erika partying, so it's so interesting. 

She discussed her drinking habits during "RHOBH" season 12 in a May 2022 interview with Entertainment Tonight. She also acknowledged that she did drink alcohol while taking antidepressants, as she believes "it's being blown up to more than it is." The fact that I mixed medication with alcohol has been very upfront and honest with me.

In addition, I wanted to have a good time and numb that feeling of pressure and judgment. What's the problem? "Certainly not," replied Jayne. Her castmates are uninteresting, she continued. "Let's be honest, some of these ladies - their company is pretty boring. In other words, you need to spice it up a bit, and I think they should be grateful that I came in here personality plus," said Jayne.

source: Heavy