title iconThis is a list of the top premium sports games on PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus Premium's AO Tennis 2 will satisfy your tennis game craving. There isn't as much money in this game as in an EA game, but the court looks detailed and the tennis gameplay runs smoothly. As well as lobs, spikes, volleys, drop shots, and slices, there are many tactical options available to you on the court. While keeping it simple, it gives a lot of options.

On PlayStation Plus Premium, Pure Pool offers a realistic take on the sport. You can choose between four different game modes, including American 8 Ball Pool and online multiplayer. DNA profiles are a neat feature of the game. Your friends who play with you online also create AI based on your movements. There is a Steam page that says "you can still play against them even if they aren't online." However, some have commented that online play is unreliable under Steam reviews, so the PS4 and PS5 may suffer the same problem.

There's no sport like chess, we know that. However, Chess Ultra was recognized as a class in 1999 by the Olympic Committee, so it counts. A strategic game like this is one of the best ways to challenge your skills. Grandmaster-approved AI, cross-platform online play, and Classical and Blitz time modes are all available. In addition to being able to play the game in a variety of environments, the game also looks fantastic. You can also grab the chess pieces using PlayStation VR. 

Hot Shots Tennis remains one of the most engaging sports games from the PS2 generation. With each stroke, timing is critical since if you stumble, the ball goes in the opposite direction. Unlike many games today, the career mode allows you to unlock new characters and stages.

A top-of-the-line game on this list is PGA Tour 2K21. This is a definitive golf simulation game, with a variety of modes to choose from. You can compete to get the FedEx Cup in the career mode, as well as customize your controller. The Steam page of the game says there are "thousands of custom options." You can also play with friends in Alt-Shot, Stroke Play, Skins, and 4-Player Scramble. 

Would you like to see a modern version of the popular NBA Jam game? NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 is the spiritual successor to the legendary arcade game. While there is no boom shakalaka in NBA 2K Playgrounds 2, performing a slam dunk still feels satisfying. As well as timing your shots perfectly, you'll have to deal with some actual challenges in this arcade game. With some marvelous outdoor themed areas, the game looks pretty gorgeous too. 

Everybody's Golf still holds an entertaining journey through each course despite the servers going down in September 2022. Each environment pops on screen with an anime-like art style, and the characters have plenty of personality. You may recognize Everybody's Golf as a continuation of the Hot Shots series. 

Golf With Your Friends is probably the best game in this sub-genre on PlayStation Plus Premium. It has imaginative levels, spot-on physics, and a simplicity that anyone can understand in this mini-golf extravaganza. Play the game normally with your friends or turn on bouncing to let the ball jump. 

2K makes up for EA Sports' absence, especially with NBA 2K22. With realistic facial animation and impressive sweat physics, the graphics are phenomenal. MyGM, in which you take on the role of a team executive, and MyCAREER, where you create a custom character and try to become the next Michael Jordan, are some of the modes in this basketball game.