title iconThis Is The Real Reason Evelyn Won't Get Pregnant After 90 Days Of Being Together

Evelyn Villegas, a former star of TV's "90 days of the groom", recently stated that she is not willing to sacrifice her body to get pregnant. The film "The Groom for 90 Days: Another Way" featured her first acting role alongside her American partner Corey Ratgeber.

The couple had a tumultuous relationship on the show, going through several breakups. He later started a relationship with another woman named Jenny after one of these breakups. As they worked on their differences, Evelyn attended counseling and mended her relationship with her beau.

The 33-year-old reality TV star lives a happy family life with her husband, but she isn't ready to be a mother yet. In 2021, she mentioned that she didn't want a Measles baby because she wouldn't be able to go on a beach holiday. When Evelyn talked about having a child, she said that she wouldn't be able to enjoy her life as usual.

As well, Corey confirmed that he does not want to have children yet, confirming that Evelyn and Corey do not want to expand their family. Despite a year having passed since then, Evelyn's thoughts about motherhood appear to have remained unchanged.

In an Instagram question-and-answer, the 90-Day Fiancé franchise graduate expressed a desire to have a child but said she might change her mind. "No, I don't think so," she wrote, adding that she was open to adoption but was not willing to sacrifice her health by becoming pregnant.

A surrogate mother can take care of her child without changing her appearance. Nevertheless, Evelyn admitted that this is an expensive procedure, so she will now focus on increasing her income.

She concluded her answer by saying that she only loves children she does not own. Ecuadorian-born Evelyn revealed if she still suffers from panic attacks in response to another 90 Day Fiancé fan. As she wrote: "Yes, I know," she added that therapy helps her deal with the stress.

In addition to changing her diet, Evelyn mentioned that she also changed her lifestyle. The cast of the 90-Day Bride franchise is trying to stay away from negative things and coping with their anxieties by eating less sugar, not drinking coffee, not drinking alcohol, taking valerian, passionflower syrup, and drinking chamomile tea.

Although Evelyn was angry with Corey for cheating on her with Jenny, she said she had the happiest wedding of her life. Despite the joy of her new life, Evelyn did not want to have a baby. Having grown up in a large family with five siblings, Cory aspires to have children of his own one day.

Watching how the couple resolves their differences and whether they adopt a child is interesting. There is no doubt that 90 Day Fiancé will delight its fans for the rest of their lives, no matter what choices they make.

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