title iconTiffany shows off her fitness progress in the 90 Day Fiance BTS Single Life video

The 90-Day Fiancé actress announced her return through 90 Day: The Single Life with a BTS video of her stylish photo shoot. As a star in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 1, Tiffany became known to fans of the franchise.

The South African man who became Tiffany's husband on the spin-off has a shady past. They had several breakups and even welcomed a baby daughter while waiting for Ronald's visa approval, during which Tiffany continued a long-distance relationship with him. As a result of her weight loss surgery, Tiffany has lost 80 pounds, while Ronald is claiming he is divorcing her.

Tiffany's weight loss journey has been documented since she underwent the gastric sleeve operation in June 2021. A size medium has been converted to a size small for the Maryland resident. Her heaviest weight at the time put her at a size another source. As a result of the surgery, Tiffany is very close to reaching her goal weight of 180 pounds. The 90-Day Fiancé star shares her fitness progress on Instagram, and fans suspect it may be why Ronald has returned to her. According to their latest Instagram updates, Ronald and Tiffany are back together after having a new girlfriend in late 2021.

The Single Life season 3 cast members have also been announced, including Tiffany. Tiffany's Instagram page was the first place she announced the new spin-off after TLC released the trailer. In her caption, Tiffany wrote, "Get ready for a WILD ride."Tiffany is dressed in a dark pink wrap-around dress and poses for the camera in the accompanying video. Her slim figure exudes confidence as the mother of two glows with pride.

However, Tiffany claims that even though her photo session was successful, TLC used "literally the worst picture of all" of the beautiful photos they took of her. Tiffany responded to Tiffany's post with compliments about her weight loss. Several red hearts were shared by Kim Mendes, Julia Trubkina referred to her as a "baby," and Kara Bass stated that they always choose the worst ones. However, Tiffany's Single Life companion Veronica Rodriguez agreed with her and stated, "Girl same!" Really?

Tiffany's casting in the spinoff confused some fans, even though many praised her as "gorgeous" before calling her "gorgeous." Many called Tiffany out for keeping it a secret. Tiffany's husband Ronald may be single, but others wanted to know how he fits into the picture.

In The Single Life season 2, Tiffany will end up with Ronald in a plot twist as Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods end up together. As Tiffany 2.0 seeks a man who loves her kids as well as her, her confidence is at a high. Despite their six-year relationship, Tiffany has a difficult time moving on. It will be a challenge for Tiffany to find a new partner on the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off, but in 2022, she is in good health and her marriage to Ronald is hopefully healthy too.