title iconWhat Big Brother Can Learn from The Split House Twist :Spoilers

Despite being two decades old, the Big Brother 24 Split House twist is spicing things up. The game element is discussed in this spoiler post. While Big Brother can sometimes become repetitive after over two decades on air, the brand new Split House twist is good for the show, houseguests, and fans alike. There are currently two groups of houseguests for the first time in BB history. Both games are being played simultaneously, without any communication between them. Unlike any other time in Big Brother history, one group will play inside the house while the other will play outside.

With Brittany Hoopes, Jasmine Davis, Monte Taylor, and Taylor Hale leading his indoor Big Brochella team, Michael Bruner won the Head of Household competition. In addition to Terrance, Alyssa Snider, Joseph Abdin, Kyle Capener, and Matt "Turner" Turner are leading the outdoor Dyre Fest group.

Michael, Brittany, Monte, Taylor, Joseph, Turner, and Kyle made up the dominant seven-person alliance, The Leftovers. Jasmine was the target of Michael's eviction nominations. Kyle disclosed The Leftovers alliance to Terrance, in an effort to keep himself from being evicted, so Terrance nominated Joseph and Turner for eviction. A veto was granted to Brittany for Big Brochella, whereas one was granted to Terrance for Dyre Fest. By the end of the week, there will be a double eviction.

Big Brother will benefit from the Split House twist. In keeping with its motto, "expect the unexpected", the show has been an enjoyable watch. There are classic competitions that houseguests and fans enjoy every year, including OTEV, Rewards and Punishments, and Wall Competitions. Houseguests expect these games before entering the house, however, because they have become so well-known. When Alyssa was a child, she and her mom created a makeshift version of the wall game that they played as a family. It is still fun to play the game when you know what to expect even though you cannot recreate the actual competition.

Big Brother's traditional double eviction episode was also shaken up by the Split House twist. During Big Brother, the houseguests are always expecting a double eviction at some point, but this is an entirely different approach. It is refreshing to see two separate groups play two separate games after a double eviction instead of the usual week's worth of Big Brother in one night. Such a twist could not be anticipated by the houseguests.

The fact that The Leftovers were separated by this twist revitalized Big Brother. The alliance is popular among fans, but watching one group fly through the season can get boring. In a typical week, Michael would have won HOH and another non-alliance member would have been evicted by The Leftovers. It was Terrance, however, who came out on top after adding a second House of Horrors.

It has been very exciting to watch The Leftovers strategize more, instead of coasting through the game, despite most fans not wanting to see the group fail. As a result of the new Split House twist, BB was made more challenging in a fun way. Big Brother has certain aspects that everyone expects (and wants), but everyone doesn't want it to become predictable and dull. The Split House twist has shaken up the game more than others introduced this season, such as Backstage Boss and Festie Besties. For Big Brother 24, the turn of events was much-needed.