title iconWhen visiting Pete Davidson in Australia, Kim Kardashian hired decoy cars and made staff sign NDAs

A recent visit of Kim Kardashian to Pete Davidson took place in Australia and the actress went all the way out to ensure the couple was not photographed during their visit. There's something about this level of extra that you are not prepared for.

Kim's security team worked "round the clock" to keep her visit under the radar since she, according to reports, did not want anyone to know she was in Australia and did not want to be photographed. A source explained that "This is the one percent of the time when she does not want to worry about getting dressed up and just wants to relax."

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There is no plan for her to leave the hotel since she is just here to spend some time with Pete," the source said. Kim does not wish to be bothered on this trip. If you bump into her, she will happily greet you, but she does not wish to have her picture taken.

Pete and Kim made sure their privacy was protected by requiring staff to sign nondisclosure agreements, and apparently, all staff was asked not to take photographs of them or ask them for autographs or selfies.

The couple rarely left their hotel, but when they did, Kim arranged for decoy cars to accompany them. Furthermore, she did not have access to a luxury car on the trip, which she initially complained about, but finally decided to accept as there were not many options.

Whatever the case, Kim appears to have returned to the United States following her short visit with Pete. Waiting for her to release pictures, since yes, I have fully transformed into a shipping enthusiast.