title iconWhoopi Goldberg and Jane Fonda on Apple TV Plus's 'Luck' and their Flexibility

Could you manage with all the good luck in the world? Despite the bad luck, Apple TV+'s Luck shows that there is good to be found in every situation. Although Sam faces misfortune after misfortune, she never gives up on finding a solution to improve things.

Sam has been down on her luck for what seems like her entire life, and viewers of all ages can relate to her. It isn't until she meets a Black cat that she unlocks a whole new world, one in which luck is manufactured before it meets its true match.

Veteran actors Whoopi Goldberg and Jane Fonda provide the voices of characters who are true to themselves. A recent interview with Shadow and Act revealed that Babe is a strong woman dragon, just as Fonda is a strong woman. I'm not a CEO, but she treats her workers with dignity and respect. In the factory where luck is made, she talks to them, makes them feel good, and ensures that they exercise in the morning. When I'm CEO, I'd like to think that I'd do that.

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Another reason Fonda was drawn to her character was her flexibility. Even though at the beginning of the movie she says there can't be any bad luck in here, she is flexible. The only thing that matters is luck," she continued. The new information, however, allows her to accept the new ideas. In Goldberg's case, she was onboard to voice a fearless leprechaun because her animated character resembled her. It makes me realize that we are again... everywhere in mythology, in mythological worlds." she said. My heart swelled with joy when I heard that.

Bad luck,' he said. Wishing you the best. Luck plays a big role in everything. Thus, no one is blessed with good fortune throughout their lives. Everyone has bad luck, but it isn't always bad luck because sometimes when you look at it this way, you're like, 'Oh my gosh, I didn't even see that, Goldberg explained. As a result, it evolves. This film is about paying attention and realizing that the world is not the way you see it anymore. She continued, "It may be more nuanced than that.