title iconWhy Khloé Kardashian fans do not consider her to be a victim

The Kardashians fans do not believe Khloé Kardashian should be labeled a victim since Tristan Thompson cheats on her. Khloé and Tristan are in the spotlight again after news broke that they are expecting a child together. Sources confirmed last week that the ex-couple will be adopting their second child together through a surrogate. After learning Tristan was paternal with Maralee Nichols, Khloé embarked on the journey. Many people have sympathized with Khloé in light of her love life's heartbreak, particularly that surrounding Tristan. Soon after Tristan announced the news of his pregnancy, he was spotted walking with a mysterious woman in Mykonos, Greece.

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Even though Khloé and Tristan have not been a couple for months, some still expected him to be more discreet, given that he is expecting his fourth child. According to some reports, his third child was born in December, and he has not yet met or provided for the child. Khloé is having another child with him. Some of her fans are not sure why she made that decision, but they are still behind her. The rumor mill is swirling as Tristan anticipates the arrival of his fourth child (his second with Khloé). There are plenty of fans who sympathize with Khloé for having bad luck with men, but one Reddit user decided to take a trip down memory lane to help everyone remember that she is not a victim.

While Khloé's ex Jordan Craig was pregnant with Prince Thompson in April 2016, Reddit user u/roxy7 used a photo slide timeline to remind people that she "is not a victim." Tristan is known to have cheated on Jordan multiple times during the course of their two-year relationship. Khloé and Tristan announced their relationship only a few months after Jordan's pregnancy. The Reddit user pointed out that Jordan revealed in the past that she found the pregnancy difficult, due to the high-profile nature of Tristan's relationship with Khloé. A kissing scandal involving Tristan and Jordyn Woods rocked Khloé in 2019.

There was a tumultuous situation in which Khloé blamed primarily Jordyn since Tristan had not lied about their tryst in public, as Khloé claimed in an old tweet shared by the Redditor. Moreover, Khloé claimed that Jordyn had broken apart her family. Several screenshots that the Redditor included showed Tristan kissing and engaging in sexual intimacy with "mystery" women, while Khloé was pregnant with their daughter, True Thompson. "She always blamed others and yet took him back," the Redditor remarked.

Photographs showed Tristan entering buildings with other women, while he was engaged to the mother of his second child. There was a tweet from a Redditor who explained how Tristan proceeded with IVF surrogacy despite knowing that he would have a child with Maralee. Khloe accused Jordyn of breaking up her family for having four children with three women in five years," the detractor wrote. The Redditor's visual breakdown explains why they don't think Khloé deserves to be called a victim. Throughout the relationship, the Kardashians star has observed several red flags. She continued to fight for what she believed she had with Tristan despite his cheating history. Currently, Tristan is expecting his fourth child, and instead of spending time with his three other children, making peace with his three baby mamas, or practicing for the upcoming NBA season, he was in Mykonos with women.