title iconThe Elden Ring clip shows Malenia destroying three players simultaneously

Melania's recent Elden Ring clip shows just how powerful she is, as she annihilates three opponents in one go. Even though Elden Ring has many challenging bosses, Melania, Blade of Miquela is undoubtedly its most challenging enemy. It was recently shared by an Elden Ring player that their group had failed to defeat her, proving just how dangerous she can be.

The fight against Melania has become a lot easier since Elden Ring was released a few months ago. Among them are the Pizza Cutter, which gives a Mimic a cannon, and the tried and true Rivers of Blood build. Melania, however challenging she may be, has proven too much for one group of players, despite players coming up with some effective strategies.

As for the clip in question, it comes from Reddit user crmnIJN, and while they apologize for the host player, they cannot deny that this is one of many hilarious Elden Ring moments. When 1/3 of Melania's health is removed, she fights back hard against the group, using the deadly Rivers of Blood. While she could have decimated the group with her powerful Waterfowl Dance, she chooses to take them out in a more elegant manner.

Melania's most dangerous attack outside of Waterfowl Dance is her grab attack, in which she lifts the player, throws them in the air, and impales them with her sword. It turns out that Melania can grab multiple players simultaneously, which is an eye-catching way to kill even one player. It has been shown that the Cleanout Knight can do a double grab, but Melania takes things to the next level by picking up all three players at once. The sight of the whole party being thrown into the air, as well as the moment where they are stabbed, is shocking.

In this impaling, only crmnIJN survives, with the other two players both dying at the same time. It is unsurprising that this clip has received over 6,000 upvotes and many entertaining comments on Reddit. According to some players, she turned them into Tarnished kabobs, while others argue that she was determining who had the necessary level of health to fight. Considering that Melania heals when she deals damage, ColonelJinkuro raised an interesting question.

Despite the fact that players could always rely on powerful co-op allies like Let Me Solo Her, calling on less-skilled players would surely make Melania harder instead of easier. No matter what, co-op play produces amazing moments like these, so it is hard to discourage it.