title iconThe Hungryblocks – Smash Bros Steve-Main Tournament Without Steve

The Super Smash Bros Community From Minecraft

In recent weeks, the Super Smash Bros community has gotten pretty heated about Steve, the guy from Minecraft. The character is widely thought to be unfairly balanced, and some players have had decent luck playing the character in the majors. However, can these skilled players play without Steve? That's what Hungryblocks is going to figure out.

The Hungryblocks is an upcoming tournament being held by Hungrybox. It's a novelty tournament for North American Steve players. There's one big twist. Steve players can't play Steve here, and he's banned entirely. This is how it will work and which of the Steve-less players will be at the event.

The Hungryblocks Event Breakdown

The Hungrybox will be an invitational tournament consisting only of Steve players. Some of the top mains for the Minecraft character have been invited. At his event, though, they'll have to play as anyone other than Steve. The tournament will be held in one night, and a $1,000 prize pool goes purely to the top Steve main. This is a weird tournament.

Hungrybox often holds community-focused tournaments, but this one takes a hot topic issue and runs with it. The core premise is seeing Steve mains compete with a character that many of the community consider a clutch. The tournament will also see two Switch OLEDs given away across the stream.

Who Is Playing Hungryblocks?

On The Biggest Steve Players. One is one of the biggest Steve players active, and he's won quite a few recent majors, including taking a supermajor against MKLeo. Beating one of the best Smash players is a feather in Onin's gap. He's taken Super Smash Con recently and has been on a major run. He's probably the favorite for most fans heading into Hungryblocks.

Jake The Another Player, Risen To Prominence. Jake is another player who has recently risen to prominence and is also one of the best Steve players in the world. His most significant achievements early came playing through online games, including eventually hitting the 25thrank on the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank. More recently, he's placed well at Double Down 2022. Along with Smash Con and CEO 2022.

Yonni, A Smash Bros Player. Yonni is a Smash Bros player who has competed at most of the significant events this year. He took 5th place at the Gimvitational and has continued to make the top ranks of players across majors.

Desmond – 1st Ranked Player. Desmond is currently the one ranked player from Wisconsin and another Steve main, hoping to prove he's more than a one-character pony at the Hungryblocks. He's taken wins over players like Comet in the past and Sonix.

DDee The Best Steve Player

There has become known as one of the best Steve players, but he has good performances with Pokémon trainer up his sleeve too. He's the 1st ranked player in the Georgia power rankings. With some skill with other characters, he might be a surprise player to watch at the Hungryblocks tournament.

Quandale Dingleingleton. Quandale, or Quandale Dingleingleton, is another major Smash Bros player to take Steve up. He doesn't have the significant results that some players here do. However, he's placed well at quite a few tournaments and has plenty of results with characters other than Steve. No big win, though.


Rockman has taken quite a few decent results in Smash Bros. He's a regular of Coinbox tournaments. However, he's had solid results online recently. He's played in GENESIS 8 and Panda Cup Online Qualifier.

Why New York Smash Player? Why is a New York smash player who previously ran Mii Brawler before Steve became such a big thing? In WiiU, he played a fair bit of Cloud too. He's had solid placements across both Ultimate and WiiU. He took 7th place at Let's Make Move in 2020 and 33rd at Smash Con.