title iconA cross-over with Journey is announced for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Koji Igarashi, the longtime Castlevania producer, headed up the project back in 2019, after a successful Kickstarter campaign raised over $5.5 million for the game. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, for example, is the spiritual successor to Konami's franchise. Despite some bugs and issues after launch, especially on the Switch, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night sold well.

Various updates and patches have been released to fix some issues that were present when Ritual of the Night was released. Furthermore, the game has also seen the addition of a variety of playable characters. Children of Light, a Ubisoft game published earlier this year, was a crossover for Bloodstained: Rome. Castlevania's spiritual successor is set to receive another crossover from Journey, an award-winning indie game.

On Bloodstained: RotN's website, it has been revealed that this Journey crossover will include a brand-new area to explore. On August 23, this area will be added to the game, which promises bosses and levels inspired by Thatgamecompany's legendary indie game. You can see this in screenshots that show the iconic desert, dark tunnels to explore, and a boss fight near the end that looks similar to some of Journey's more frightening guardians.

The Guardian itself is a dragon-like entity, which can be conquered by players and rewards them with an item inspired by Journey. Having freed Gebel and being able to access the Den of Behemoths is required to access this area. On the map, a new room with the entrance to this new area will be marked after that has been completed.

Several issues will also be addressed in this upcoming update, including a new area that won't affect map completion percentages or achievements. A post in the Steam community explains that the Bloodstained: RotN developers are huge Journey fans, and they are eager to watch fans explore this new area.

Considering Journey will celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2022, this update can't come at a better time. In addition to developing Bloodstained: RotN's sequel, the team is completing the game's current roadmap. This year's next updates will take place in the fall and winter.