title iconA Destiny 2 developer responds to harassment after the latest announcement of ability changes

There are quite a few controversies surrounding Destiny 2, not the least of which is Bungie's annual removal of content to lower maintenance costs. In a recent controversy, however, one of the more problematic highlights didn't come from the developer, but from the Destiny community, where certain users harassed a developer on Twitter.

Specifically, the harassment targeted Kevin Yanes, one of the top Sandbox and Combat designers working on Destiny 2, and was motivated by the fact that Yanes refused to return a certain Destiny Titan Exotic because it contained a unique mobility aspect that essentially contributed to the Warlock identity in Destiny 2. Nevertheless, Yanes has decided to strike back with Arc 3.0, and he has a strong argument to support his claim.

In Destiny 2, the Twilight Garrison incident happened because Yanes cheekily said that Titan Exotics wouldn't be included in the game, and its effect won't be considered part of Titans' abilities. Yanes was threatened with death by some members of the community, so he deleted all of his tweets concerning the matter.

Yanes decided to make light of Bungie's official announcement that Arc 3.0 includes the Twilight Garrison ability effect as an optional Titan spec with a meme of Nintendo's Masahiro Sakurai telling the reader not to ask anything else from him in the future.

Even though Yanes deleted the tweet after purging all mention of the Twilight Garrison incident from his profile, it's worth mentioning that he also said he was carefully selecting his words, giving the impression that an alternative was already in the works.

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It makes perfect sense to remove the commentary now that Arc 3.0 is officially revealed for Destiny 2. Since Yanes is one of the leading developers, he was aware of the new Titan ability before things went sour.

For obvious reasons, Bungie reduced its communication with its fanbase after the incident. The developers' families were targeted by some targeted harassment, Bungie's community managers explained. While Bungie ignored threats that could have been serious, for all we know, even though harassers make up a tiny fraction of the community.

Whenever it makes sense to do so, Bungie sues harassers and cheaters. The studio was threatened by a malicious streamer a few months back after he was banned from the studio. In addressing these problems quickly and aggressively, Bungie reduces the chances of its employees being harassed like Kevin Yanes, although it appears that he is having the last laugh this time.