title iconA fan of Animal Crossing: New Horizons shares an adorable villager gyroid artwork

If you're wondering what the cutest Villagers would look like as Gyroids in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you're in luck, as some fan art has revealed that answer. There are a lot of cute characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and many players become attached to specific Villagers. Players have also loved Gyroids, and recently one Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan came up with a brilliant idea to combine them.

The Gyroids returned to the Animal Crossing series through New Horizons' 2.0 update, which arrived alongside Happy Home Paradise's DLC. Gyroids are living creatures that serve as collectibles and pets for Villagers and the player character. Gyroids can also sing and dance, and players often create entire rooms for their Gyroid collections. Gyroids created by Instagram users donuteatdoodle would be a must-have item for any collection if they were real.

This Instagram user's incredible artwork features some of the most popular Villagers as Gyroids. Roald the penguin's derpy face is translated into Gyroid form, and the character's essence is preserved within the popular art piece. Also featured in this lineup is Raymond, whose different eye colors are showcased alongside his glasses. As the colorful Stitches Gyroid strikes a similar pose, his two arms positioned at different angles play a major role in the Gyroid makeover's success.

The Gyroid form of Marshal the Squirrel displays his rosy red cheeks as well as a perfect recreation of Molly the Duck. The artist remembered to include the long neck of the pink Flamingo, and both Lily and Diana are included. With the wooden Coco and food-like Zucker, the Gyroid collection is completed, and the artist deserves all the attention they are receiving. This piece features 10 Villagers, which can be assumed to be the lineup donuteatdoodle has on their own Animal Crossing: New Horizons island.

Since this post is so adorable, it's not surprising that it's also trending on Reddit. In addition to reposting the art, StrawberryInu posted a fascinating suggestion for a future Animal Crossing game. Villager photos are normally available once a player reaches the highest relationship level. Instead, gamers would receive Gyroids that resemble Villagers once they reach the max relationship level if this fan got their wish.

While it would take plenty of work on Nintendo's part to add this feature to the next Animal Crossing, as there are hundreds of Villagers who would need special Gyroids, many would surely love hunting them down. The art is fantastic, as it provides a fresh perspective on characters fans have seen countless times.