title iconA-League player shouts in confusion when the Rek'Sai backdoor goes undetected

In League of Legends, it is always important to have an objective and a path towards victory. However, tunneling too much attention on what's in front of you could mean you are blindsided by your opponent's moves. IRANwithit, a League of Legends player and Reddit user, shared a clip yesterday illustrating what he believes is one of the reasons why players should always keep an eye on their mini-map, even when they are winning.

During one of the games they were playing with some friends, the enemy Nexus was only a single hit away from being destroyed and only one hit separated them from destroying it. Even though one of their opponents was in their base, they probably did not notice it at the time.

It had been almost 50 minutes since the main protagonist and their friends had started the game. However, across the Map, a Void Burrower named Rek'Sai was relentlessly pounding our open Nexus as it appeared that they were close to victory.

In a matter of seconds, viewers will be able to hear the protagonists of the video go from jubilating with happiness to shouting in confusion when they receive the defeat screen on the screen. Veteran players know how important the minimap is for their team's success, and they are well aware of how crucial a good minimap can be for a win or a loss.

When the team was busy celebrating the winning move early in the game, the opponent was sneaking and tunneling around to reach the final objective without being discovered by their teammates.

While a glance at the Rek'Sai in the losing team's base may have given the losing team a heads up, the time of recall would probably have been too long for them to be able to get back on base to prevent their opponent from winning the game.

It is extremely important for a team of players to always be aware of where their opponents are to avoid such a situation. Even though this can be a difficult task for even the most experienced League players, there are a few precautions you can take to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

The most important aspect of the game is the ability to see on the map, and fortunately for the players, obtaining and placing normal stealth wards does not require them to spend any gold money. Along with the two free charges that anyone in-game can use, players can also purchase a control ward by giving 75 gold to the shopkeeper. This item lasts longer than other vision trinkets, and it can detect other wards and stealth traps as well.

As a bonus, League players can make use of the HUD that is incorporated into the game, which shows every summoner in the game, as well as their champion, items, and status in the game. Displays are usually attached to tab keys and remain on screen as long as the player presses them.

A missing ping next to a champion's icon indicates that a champion is missing, so you can use this feature to track your opponents. When that champion enters the range of vision of your team, it will disappear as soon as that champion enters the range of vision of your team, regardless of where on the map they are or if they are nearby an ally, since it also works with the vision you get from minions and allies.